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To rebrand this report with your Affiliate IDs and earn some cash, follow these instructions:

1.Click here to open the self-branding file. (It’s an .exe file so you may need to click on your security saying that yes, you want to allow the program to run.)

2. At this point, you will see lines to enter your affiliate IDs into the rebrander. Just click the word and enter your info. You don’t have to enter them all. If you don’t have a Clickbank ID, for example, you can just skip it.

* Your_Clickbank_ID is simply your ID you use to log in to clickbank (your username).

* Your_EasyPLR_Affiliate_ID can be found here – Log in and just below the menu bar you’ll see “Your Name (ID# 1234567)

* Your_BlogCPR_Affiliate_ID can be found here – Log in and click Affiliate Info/Get Affiliate Banners and Links. In any of the links on that page, your affiliate ID is the number following “r=”

3. Once you’ve filled in your affiliate IDs, click the “Rebrand!” button.

4. You will be asked to save your new pdf file. Save it on your computer.

5. Please check the branded pdf to make sure everything branded correctly. Just open that pdf and mouse-over the links inside. Also, click on one or two of the links inside to ensure everything is working as it should be.

6. Now the fun starts! Spread that report all over the internet for maximum exposure and profits!

* Share it on Twitter.
* Post it on Facebook.
* Give it to your list members.
* Add it to your blog as a free resource.

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