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Got a Free Report?

Do you have a free report that you’d like to get turned into a brandable report for your affiliates?

If so, let us do the work for you!

We will…

1. Take the .doc version of your report and turn it into a Brandable .pdf document that your affiliates can use to promote you.

2. Add that document to BrandableStuff.com.

3. Send a notice to the BrandableStuff.com list of over 400 affiliates (and growing) who are looking for quality brandable reports to share with their audience.

4. Post the document to Free-EbooksOnline.com

5.  Send a notice to the Free-EbooksOnline.com list of over 1600 people (and growing) who are looking for free reports to read and to share with others.

6. You can take the brandable report off BrandableStuff.com and post it on your own affiliate center.

For only $75 .

After you order, you’ll be brought to a page where you can submit your information.

Please note:

We do NOT provide the following:

  • Editing to your document.
    Please proofread it before submitting. Errors will not be fixed.
  • Consultation.
    We can’t personally assist you at this price. However, you can sign up for my coaching program and ask all the questions you’d like.
  • Ecovers.
    You’ll need to provide your own ecover if you choose. Want to quickly and easily make them yourself? See below.

Necessary disclaimer.

  • Unfortunately, we do have to reserve the right to refuse your ebook for any reason. You will be refunded if this happens.

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